Electronic Information Engineering (UK) 电子信息工程
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Electronic Information Engineering (Collaborating with Liverpool John Moores University, UK)电子信息工程

Cooperative University: Liverpool John Moores University

Length of Study: Four years. The first three year at Changshu Institute of Technology and the final year at Liverpool John Moores University. Students must pass the English language test in order to progress.

Degrees achieved: Students who meet the graduation requirements of dual parties will be conferred with bachelor degree and bachelor certificate from Changshu Institute of Technology and degree award from Liverpool John Moores University as well.

Tuition Fees: RMB 24200/Year (For the first three years at CIT)

 GBP 14000/Year (For the final year at LJMU)

Main Courses: Algorithm and Programming, Circuit Analysis Foundation, Electronic Technology Foundation, Engineering Foundation, Control System Design and Analysis, Applied Instrument Technology, Digital Embedded System, Signal Processing, Power Electronics Technology, Electronic System Integration, Consumer Electronics Product Design, Business Management, Engineering Technical Practice, etc.

Program Status Quo: Started enrollment since 2018, there are 147 students on campus. The first cohort of program students will progress to Liverpool John Moores University in September, 2021.


Liverpool John Moores University, Britain

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) is a British public research university recognized by the Ministry of Education in China. It is located in the center of Liverpool, England. According to statistics reported by the Guardian, LJMU ranks 49th in the University Rankings 2019, and the major “Electronics and Electrical Engineering” ranks 36th all over the UK. It has three main campuses, including city campus, IM March campus and Mount Pleasant campus.

Being traced back to 1823, LJMU was once a first-class mechanical research institute in the UK, which was named Liverpool Institute of Mechanics. Spanning two-hundred years, LJMU has now grown to be a modern and global university with 24,000 students and 2500 faculties from over 100 countries around the world. It has established 5 Faculties covering over 300 bachelor, master and doctoral programs. Some of its strong subjects are Commerce, Sports Science, Medias, Arts Design, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering and Marine Studies. LJMU has achieved the good evaluation results from the QAA report.

In the past ten yeas, LJMU has invested more than GBP160 million to build a host of sustainable facilities for its students and faculties, including laboratories of science, technology and engineering, forensic crime scene laboratories, ship simulators, mock courts, clinical trial studios, high-quality radio, television and broadcasting studios, etc. All of these are designed to reproduce the industry environment, so students can master practical skills and gain work experience related to their future occupation even before graduation.

Researches and innovative practices are included as part of the curriculums in LJMU. Industry leaders will give lectures to students in class. In the prestigious Global University Student Formula Car Competitions, the racing team of LJMU is the second-ranked team in the UK. Students will design formula cars by themselves and compete on Silverstone or Circuit deBarcelona.

View Website: https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/