Mechatronic Engineering (Germany)机械电子工程
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1. Mechatronic Engineering (Collaborating with University of Applied Sciences, Nordhessen, Germany)机械电子工程

Cooperative University: University of Applied Sciences, Nordhessen

Length of Study: Four years. The first three year at Changshu Institute of Technology and the final year at University of Applied Sciences, Nordhessen. Students must pass the German language test in order to progress.

Degrees achieved: Students who meet the graduation requirements of dual parties will be conferred with bachelor degree and bachelor certificate from Changshu Institute of Technology and diploma from University of Applied Sciences, Nordhessen as well.

Tuition Fees: RMB 24200/Year (For the first three years at CIT)

 Euro 9000/Year (For the final year at Nordhessen)

Main Subjects: Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering

Core Courses: Mathematics, Engineering Mechanics, Electrical Engineering Foundation, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Manufacturing, Electromechanical Control Technology, Control Engineering Foundation, Mechatronic System


Approved by Ministry of Education in China and started enrollment in 2010, this program has produced many fruits. It obtained professional certification from AQAS (Germany) in 2016 and was named as a provincial high-level demonstration program in 2018. Up to now, 311 students have graduated from this program, among which, 92 was enrolled by the master programs at the famed German universities like RWTH Aachen University, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Technical University of Berlin, Dresden University of Technology, University of Stuttgart, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and University of Leibniz-Hanover, and some were employed by World Top 500 enterprises and enjoyed high salary.

University of Applied Sciences, Nordhessen, Germany

University of Applied Sciences, Nordhessen is a German private university recognized by the Ministry of Education in China. Established in 1994, its main campus was located in Bad Sooden-Allendorf near Frankfurt. Except the main campus, it also established campuses in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and other cities in Germany.

With over 7000 students on campus, it has about 180 professors and 450 experienced lecturers from industries. As a typical applied German university, it confers bachelor degrees and master degrees to its graduates.

It has kept close contacts with mega-corporations in German and gained strong support and large fund from the German government, Deutscher Industrie-und Handelskammertag (DIHK) and corporation associations. It has close cooperation with famous German companies such as Daimler-Benz, Deutsche Bahn, Siemens, Volkswagen, Lufthansa and ThyssenKrupp in scientific research and training.

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