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“Smart Little Bee”
DATE:2020-06-14 AUTHOR: VIEW:

Advent and application of driverless technology will inevitably lead the road cleaning industry to new era of unmanned intelligent cleaning. Since their first entry into the filed in 2014, the Intelligent Driving Innovation Laboratory of Changshu Institute of Technology has now developed the "Smart Little Bee" unmanned sweeper. "Smart Little Bee" is equipped with lidar, camera, integrated navigation, and ultrasonic radar for smart navigation, says Dr. Xu Jiang, the project leader. “Smart Little Bee” is equipped with seven state of the art ingeniously developed features such as, "one-key call", "integrated disinfection", "precision cleaning along the roadside", "intelligent garbage recognition and cleaning", "intelligent obstacle avoidance", "automatic emergency braking (AEB)", and "Internet of Vehicles platform and remote driving". Furthermore, “Smart Little Bee” boasts a high-level safety system with triple anti-collision through lidar, ultrasonic radar and anti-collision strips. Dr. Xu Jiang told the journalists, that "Smart Little Bee" has started the cooperation with China Telecom and will launch a 5G-based updated version of "Smart Little Bee" in July this year.

Smart Little Bee

At present, the laboratory has more than 30 people in the “Smart Little Bee” development team. Dr. Xu Jiang said, "During the development of the projects of autonomous driving scientific research, we have trained quite some excellent students. I hope they may contribute to the economic development of Changshu, Suzhou and the Yangtze River Delta in the future."