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Ren Jie, Associate Professor, from School of Electronic Information Engineering, recently published the title "Noise driven universal dynamics towards an infinite temperature state " in top physics journal
DATE:2020-06-14 AUTHOR: VIEW:

Rencently,the group of Dr. Jie Ren published a paper in the journal Physical review Letters[2]. In this paper, the longtime dynamics of a one-dimensional noisy quantum magnetic model [See in Fig. 1] were studied, and it is found that even though the system is inevitably driven to an infinite temperature state, the relaxation dynamics towards such a featureless state can be highly nontrivial and universal. The effect of various mode-coupling mechanisms (external potential, disorder, interaction, and the interplay between them) as well as the conservation law on the longtime dynamics of the systems have been studied, and their relevance with current ultracold atomic experiments has been discussed. Link to the paper: https://journals.aps.org/prl/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevLett.124.130602

Noise-Driven Universal Dynamics towards an Infinite Temperature State

Dynamical universality is the observation that the dynamical properties of different systems might exhibit universal behavior that are independent of the system details. The majority of studies are restricted to classical systems, while the dynamical universality in quantum systems is far from being understood due to the intrinsic difficulty of dealing with nonequilibrium quantum many-body systems.

Figure 1:A quantum spin chain uniformly coupled to the environment via the z components of the spins[1].