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English Teacher Education Research Center was announced
DATE:2021-09-09 AUTHOR: VIEW:

On September 8, the English Teacher Education Research Center of the Foreign Languages School was announced. The Center Committee summarizes the experience of running the English Teacher Education major for more than 60 years, analyzes the results of the TESOL research center in the past 10 years’ exploration. This time, the Foreign Language School uses TESOL team members as the Research Center backbone, English Professional teachers as the organization members, and outside experts in the English education field as guiders, establishing the "English Teacher Education Research Center".

The research content of the center is: focusing on the research of the integration of English teacher education, taking the reform of English teaching in primary and secondary schools as the problem-oriented, and taking the promotion of the core competence of primary and secondary students in English as the mission, and studying how to effectively improve the pre-service training and career development of English teachers in primary and secondary schools. The center is constantly paying attention to the professional development of English teacher educators or trainers in primary and secondary schools.

The work goal of the center is: to integrate the pre-employment training, development research and vocational training of primary school English teachers, to actively carry out the teaching reform and research of the English Teacher Education major, to further improve the internship quality of the English Teacher Education major, and to consolidate the teacher’s practical teaching ability; further in-depth primary and secondary schools to carry out school-local cooperation activities.