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President Jiang Jianming attended the Sino-Japan University President's Form
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In the afternoon of September 28, 2022, the University President's Forum on the 20th Anniversary of the 2+2 Project of Hokkaido University in Japan was held online. Our Univeristy President Jiang Jianming, Vice President Xu Huigang, and relevant principals of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office and head of Foreign Languages School were invited to attend.

At the meeting, the president of Hokkaido University, Xiaocangqin, and the supervisor, Zhou Hang, delivered welcoming speeches respectively. Xiaocangqin reviewed the 20-year’s cooperation process between Hokkaido University and the Chinese partner universities, and expressed his sincere gratitude to the Chinese partner universities for training and delivering excellent students. Zhou Hang introduced the operation of the 2+2 project of Hokkaido University in detail, and looked forward to the development prospects of China and Japan's universities in three aspects: short-term exchange program, credit mutual recognition program and "2+2+2" joint master program.

Prof. Jiang Jianming delivered a speech as a representative of the Chinese partner university. He said that China and Japan are important close neighbors with a long history of cultural exchanges. Since the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan, exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in the fields of education, culture, science and technology have become an important part of the development of bilateral relations. Our university attaches great importance to cooperation with well-known universities in friendly neighboring countries. He pointed out that in 2013, Changshu Institute of Technology signed a friendly cooperation agreement with Hokkaido University, and the 2+2 double degree Bachelor Program was officially launched in the same year. So far, 32 Japanese major students have gone to Hokkaido University by the double degree program. With a view of the future, the cooperation between the two universities is full of great potential. Our university looks forward to further expanding cooperation with Hokkaido University in the fields of student exchange, teacher training, joint scientific research platform and so on.

At the exchange meeting, more than ten of Chinese universities launched a fervent discussion on the theme of promoting international exchange and cooperation under the epidemic situation. Everyone agreed that international exchange and cooperation, as an important function of the university, reflects the inherent international nature of the university, and is also the response of the development of higher education to the trend of globalization and the reform of the governance structure of the university. The international exchange and cooperation of universities is stimulating the new vitality of the innovation and development of higher education, and has also become an important indicator of the degree of education modernization in a global  society.